Thursday, May 10, 2007

black & white, cementerio de Autlán, COBOL, BASIC, FORTRAN & some Pascal

y si!
started to play with this one
el cementerio de Autlán
i left the 23hq-version of this one in color
& almost intact

but couldn't resist to play it
in el photoshop too
& then in a second (1 sec)
it just made sense
this cut off-framing-whatever
& the whole CS screen

these days, i don't really care about software anymore
fuck Vista and all the new version of Mac OS X
with all its Tigers and Cheetas and Leopards
& collection of bad cat names

& but of course i respect Mac much more than fucking Windows
that after all is a freaking copy of the original Mac system
the real GUI 1st precursor was the lovely Apple Lisa :)

but, these days, fuck them all those fancy operating systems
and over-pre-fabricated software, every day things are more *specialized*
less native...

but... Photoshop, oh glorious photoshop
i remember my 1st attempts with computer graphics
where on a Commodore Amiga
don't miss that link
and oh wonderful, it became Macintosh
i remember we had a software called Deluxe Paint
but it was a 2D animation painter

I remember I drew a small yellow chicken
a tree, some grass, and a flower
then i made the chicken move from one place to another one
and eat from the grass
it was so much fun!
although it looked like a very bad cartoon

but also I remember way before that
when I 18, taking a 1 semester class
on basic programming languages
like Cobol, Pascal, and ha! even Fortran & BASIC
god! i am old
we worked on a *terminal* of the main computer
just a screen and a keyboard
the main brain was stored in a BIG air conditioned room
we looked at it from a glass window
you could almost hear it breath
your stupid algorithms
burping little binary 0's and 1's flying all around

and then i went through many versions of Macs
and of just few PC's, way less than Macs
and all their infinite lists of operating systems
always upgrading, always obeying
and through many software
graphic software, programming software,
the whole damn thing

& that's why today
on the purist/lazy search
i declare
that i just really need
MS-DOS on a PC
or something like this on a MAC

and as for software
i just need ANY version of photoshop
could be the very 1st one
here an amazing link of screenshots of the 1st version
I remember I started on version 2.something, but rather early
when text, as typed, was embedded on the image immediately
as to create another layer for it, etc
since the basic stuff as colors, brightness, darkness, etc.
haven't and won't ever change
those are principles of color and light

oh! a word processor would be nice too
click on this image, for a closer view
oh ah photoshop

disclaimer: NO!, i am not under the influence of anything!
except peppermint & chamomile tea, a bran cake with apple & cranberries
from the Zen Bakery, delicious & healthy
& some vegetarian dinner from here
the Caribbean pepperpot soup was delicious! exhilarating, I would say
makes you wanna photoshop strange images & write stupid stuff about old computers
i highly recommended it!!
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