Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Autlán, oh well!

I travel to Autlan tomorrow

and I had an awful day today
I am sick right before my little vacation

sore throat, fever
headache, and all the body hurts
i shiver now & then too

and I feel
mad, sad, dark, old, ignored, fat
& very stupid, I look like shit
in this photo of today

and sadness crawls all over my being
but I thought I was looking for my days off
and today all went wrong...

YOU could've send a little
have a good trip note
but you choose not to

and now I am gone
the plane might crash
and me in little pieces
won't be able to wave goodbye

so I leave this dark sad image of me
in case I die
for the closing of my blog

When I am a woman of 38 I become
I might be alive
or never ever come back

pretty dark stuff, huh?

That is, if the plane doesn’t fall
otherwise this will be a pretty dark joke

mmm? somehow, alone & old
but I do hope to come back
to my silly lonely little life