Thursday, April 19, 2007

Into Great Silence (Die Große Stille)

tonight i finally watched this beautiful film
Into Great Silence
& to my surprise
it is not silent at all!

the absence of human sounds
brings out the beauty of the
monastery's daily reverberations of life

the film is all the good things
I read on the reviews
about the rhythm and sense of spirituality
but over all…

it is a splendid visual masterpiece!

Danke schön to Herr Philip Gröning
And his camera crew
For portraying the glory of simple life
In such a beautiful film
without any artificial light
and always preserving a high sense of respect
to the monastic life

reminiscences of Andrei Tarkovsky
and Akira Kurosawa styles
has this film
(those beautiful unhurried long shots!)

If you watch this film
Don’t expect too much of the story
There is no plot...
Just let yourself immerse into
The Great Silence...
relax and prepare your eyes & soul to enjoy!
& remember 2 hrs 44 minutes is nothing
“for God, there is no past, only present.”

practicalities: have an espresso with a teaspoon of sugar
before going into the theatre, & any other enhnacement
you'd like ;)
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