Monday, April 02, 2007

April played some jokes on me yesterday
it made a fool of me the whole day!

About 10am – internet’s connection is down
(upgrading services, blah blah blah, tech support said tonight)

oh but I got a movie via NetFlix
The Departed!
so, yeah I am going to watch it
and watched almost the whole movie
out of 37 chapters on the DVD
the damn DVD broke on chapter 35!!!
I am about 8 minutes from the freaking ending
And the stupid DVD got a clinch
So far, I haven’t seen the ending
I returned the DVD on the mail and I am waiting for a replacement
In a couple of days, to watch the last 8 minutes of a 2hrs 35 minutes film
damn damn damn!
and soon I'll be 38... mmm?
old & unlucky lady today i am...
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