Wednesday, April 18, 2007

el pajarito de Autlán

While I was in Autlán
This little bird felt from his nest

My mother has this beautiful garden
Visited every day by many birds
Therefore, she is used to this sort of accidents

She already has a shoe-box prepared to keep
Fallen birds warm
She made a hole all across the box
And she put a tree branch across it
And a piece of cloth to keep the little birds warm

For 2 days while I was there
She fed the bird with a paste made out of masa
(the corn dough for making tortillas) & water

around 3pm of the second day
and with the bright Autlán sun shinning high
we took the box with the bird
to the main garden
we left the box half open
specially since he was singing loud
after a couple of minutes
the mother appeared and after falling a couple of times
the little bird was able to follow her to the nest again

unfortunately I didn’t take a movie of that!
But here is the feeding process
And my mother, her kitchen
(watch the movie till the end for a full view)
And that beautiful memory of some bright
Days with a little bird in Autlán
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