Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the Summer cats

the summer cats
die Sommerkatzen 
los gatos de verano

it's not the Summer just yet
but Herr Gato and Frau Kitty are ready for it!
Frau Kitty got her new Summer 2013 cardboard house
and she already doesn't want to get out of there
Herr Gato soothes himself from the fact of
not being able to fit in any house, by sunbathing
on a cardboard box on top of the lounging chair
(I know the sun is not bathing yet, but soon, it will...)

San Diego is sunnier than ever but not too hot yet
wonderful weather and enjoying the company
of these lovely felines!

"I am not leaving this sunny home ever!" ~Frau Kitty

"I wish I could fit in one of those houses..." ~Herr Gato
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