Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I think the last piece of chicken I ate
Was around early April, after feeling dizzy
A minor health scare and watching a bunch of health related movies
On Netflix on juicing and healthy eating
I came across Vegucated, and that made it
Since early April I am vegetarian
I would like to say that I am a 100% vegan
Meaning NO animal products
Yet, I had some yogurt at home and some parmesan cheese
I had to “finish”, and a couple of times I have come across
Food that has cheese crumbs (a spinach salad from Bread and Cie)
With nuts and some goat cheese; and I had some pizza at work,
The vegetarian kind, but had cheese, so I would say
I am 80% vegan these days?
Looking forward to be 100% vegan…
Some friends have asked me for how long I would eat a vegan diet
I am planning to do it for the rest of my life!
Health is one issue, YET never filling sick has stopped me
From eating another piece of chocolate or a cake
No señor!! But with veganism the force that is driving me
Is much stronger, I am not doing only for health reasons
I am doing it ‘because I know what it takes to get meat,
Beef, pork, and chicken to your table,
I know all the suffering, the killing, the slaughtering
The pain, and the insanity that is killing an animal
Just to get it on your plate…
The very first days I quit eating chicken (which by the way
Are the most abused animals ever!!!) Whenever I craved
A piece of chicken I only had to remember what I read on
All the pain, suffering and anger inflicted not only to the chickens
But to the humans working on the slaughter houses!

Anyway I started writing this doc days ago and then
I got side tracked but the bottom line is:
The healthy side of the vegan diet
has been just a wonderful "side effect";
my real motivation is to NOT contribute to
the torture of animals who are killed in
the industrialized farming factory system
which is out of control and lacks compassion mainly in the US!
More on this issue soon
If you care about animals, please help stopping the slaughtering
I found this old post from 2010
read all the quotes after the picture!
It’s been long since I’ve been considering becoming vegetarian
Or vegan, but I thought it was a “hard” thing to do,
Now, I’ve been vegan for a couple of months
And it’s the BEST decision I’ve made in a long time!

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