Monday, August 30, 2010

the last Saturday of August

this past Saturday good feeling
lined up for me
i went back to yoga after almost 3 weeks...
it was great to stretch the body, the mind
and overall, the soul
i had lunch at my favorite bakery
Bread & Cie, a roasted eggplant & feta cheese sandwich

i never saw the bottom of the paper bags, lovely motto!

later i went to pick up some film photos 35mm
that i took a while ago with my old Nikkormat
a 1972 Japanese camera
here a sample, even if digital cameras are so convenient
i still love the feel of a developed film, the grain
the texture, the contrasts, there are somethings that
technology cannot fool

to top my lovely Saturday, i went to the movies!
i used to go to the movies so often before
these days i watch more DVDs or movies on my computer
just like with cameras, nothing tops the rush of watching
a movie on the big screen...

now it's Monday and i had to work
the memories of that lovely day are just that
memories, and a post on the blog now... ah sighs...

i choose Christopher Nolan's Inception
as i wrote on Facebook:
from the strange, brilliant, and confusing mind of Christopher Nolan, i watched Inception tonight... as i tweeted, you'll either love it or will get a strong headache... if you like Christopher Nolan films, watch Following, his 1st film, noir noir and probably still the best one, Inception is pretty close too, i personally liked it

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