Thursday, August 26, 2010

today today today

so many things have happened since my latest posts
tangible life seems to run faster than the virtual blogs

i went to a great bbq celebrating the wedding of m&m
then i got sick
then i recovered
then i got busy
then i got free
then i got sick again
then i recovered

and then i am here again...

maybe not much to say
while there are about 2,872 ideas
of what to write about
floating in my head
nothing consolidates
but hey!
at least i have some photos from today!

me, the summer 2010 version
leaving work happy for once

Herr Gato doing his nightly routes outside the house

Frau Kitty climbing the screen door
chasing birds shadows
[OK this photo is from yesterday, but she's so adorably crazy!]

it's been so hot here in San Diego the past
couple of days, tonight feels a little cooler
and so my brain and soul seem to be cooling off too

good times some to be on their way again
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