Thursday, June 24, 2010

Amigos en Concierto, courtesy of Smorgzone

Amigos en Concierto was this great concert that the
San Diego Master Chorale presented,
i was there by mister Smorg's courtesy!

fotos are not allowed at the Copley Symphony Hall
but i stole this one with my very small camera
when the usher was not looking at me! do NOT try this yourself!

here a pasted review from what i wrote him about the concert:

to confess, i wasn't that excited to go 'cause i don't really like mariachi that much and i don't listen to our classical mexican music that much... so when i read the program and read Mariachi (which i don't like very much...) but also read San Diego Master Chorale (about 80 voice on stage) and a tenor and a soprano.... AND the Romero Duo, these amazing Flamenco guitarists who won a Grammy, then i started to get sold, i went there with not very high expectations... but left with tears in my eyes!!! it was wonderful... there were some problems with the sound, with Monica Abrego's microphone but apart from that, the whole event went flawless!

the 1st part of the program was ALL traditional old mexican songs arranged for the Chorale, the Mariachi ONLY played the first two songs, and then the Chorale took over... also there was a children choir of about 20 kids, lovely voices and great arrangements... knowing & understanding all the lyrics to the songs, made a huge difference for me... so many childhood memories!!

after the intermission, i only wished my Flamenco-loving mother was there, who i knew would appreciate some serious guitar playing... those fellows from the Romero Duo were just fantastic!! you know? i grew up listening to my mom playing flamenco records, so i recognize many of the songs the brothers played... another great lovely surprise

by the end of the night, the stage was full of people!! 80 singers from the Chorale, the pianist, the mariachi, the tenor and the soprano, plus the children choir... so even if you had no idea what they were singing or you don't like that kind of music you felt like singing and dancing... a beautiful spectacle indeed!

and an outdoor shot of the Copley Hall in Downtown San Diego
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