Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy Thanksgiving!

i hope you had a good Thanksgiving
mine was little, but nice

i planned to celebrate with friends on Wednesday
instead of Thursday this year, but i got sick
on Tuesday and wasn't able to go to our celebration
yet, i made the cranberry sauce and send it
they send back turkey left-overs and other goodies
also my best friend Perro baked a delicious assortment
of breads, focaccia, and this wonderful russian rye bread
and today we had some naan brad he baked too
with some of his home-made hummus

today i ate left-overs of turkey, oaxacan stuffing,
and gravy made by the conners
sweet potatoes by mione, perro's assortment of breads
some Gato Negro Chardonnay, and of course
some of my cranberry sauce...

this morning, i cooked another batch of cranberry sauce
that i plan to eat over the weekend with more turkey
on sandwiches with that russian rye bread
here a close up

this sauce is so easy to make!
you need:
-1 cup of water
-1 cup of sugar, i use the regular brown mexican sugar
-1 bag of cranberries, one of those that you see in every supermarket in the US these days, i think is 12oz. of cranberries

boil the water, add the sugar, bring to a boil again, add the cranberries and cook at medium height for about 20 minutes... more or less, let them cool, and then refrigerate until ready to serve... even with some cold turkey breast and not fresh baked turkey, you can make a pretty decent sandwich, if you like ham (which i don't much at all...) then you can try... also as jam for your toast in the morning

ah love the fall, even when in San Diego feels like the summer
80°F today? good thing that the nights are colder
after 6pm does feel like the Autumn
optimal time to write on the blog
while sipping on 2-day-old Merlot
French Market from Trader Joe's, still $2.99
the bottle and ah! so good...
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