Wednesday, October 07, 2009

new apartment gone awry

i canceled the lease in the about-to-be-my-home
'cause i found roaches in the fridge...
saw them one night right before moving in
& after having signed the 1-year lease

now i am
dealing with getting back my in-advance month of rent
and deposit
then these are
busy. strange. hectic. confusing

yet i am OK hopeful to get
at minimum my deposit back
and some of the month-rent money

and even if i hate courts
somehow i wouldn't mind taking the matter
to the small claims court
i feel strong and would love to face
the guys that were supposed to be my landlords
they were prompt to reply on a weekend
when they wanted my deposit and rent in advance
but they sent the contractor to talk to me
and didn't reply my phone calls when i canceled the deal

tonight, i wrote many e-mails to those landlords
and talk to a jerky one for over 30 mins on the phone
& for a calm smiling mexican, i feel i did pretty well
my broken accent and surely many English mistakes
but i wasn't intimidated at all...
i was fighting for my rights to live roach-free!!!

specially inside a fridge!!

and yes!! they were right
moving sucks!!

promise to reply to the lovely comments
when i am less pissed off

and oh human deals,
here we go
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