Sunday, August 09, 2009

quick fixes

i try to eat mostly fresh foods
something i cook or take out
but oh these modern times
many times we have to rely
in quick fixes for food

surprisingly, some of the 'healthy'
frozen food is that one for kids!
like this Elmo Whole Grain Pizza
don't taste that bad, actually it's
pretty decent, and with 19 grams
of whole grain, not so bad for a
frozen dish

as for coffee, i buy whole beans
i grind them myself every morning
yet sometimes i am in a hurry
or i crave an early evening crave
for a foamy espresso

while in Germany i discovered this
amazing instant Espresso from Nestle
i can't find it in the US! and my second
bottle is coming to a close end..
too sad
but if you live in Europe
try it! it's great
of course a 'real' espresso is the best
but this one for an instant
tastes great! but add sugar
i usually don't add sugar to my coffee
aber diese Kaffee mit Zucker ja!!
as the label reads

sehr gut!
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