Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gatos tees

i guess some things never change &
after having designed t-shirts for living
i seem to still have fun at it

i made these t-shirts a couple of months ago
around the time when i started photographing los Gatos
and found out about

the final product is a very cool online service
where you can customize pretty much everything
t-shirts, mugs, cards, calendars, mouse-pads, and even shoes!
at somehow reasonable prices

so in a jiffy, i designed these, based on some
of the photos i took, was eager to try the service!
the quality of the shirts it's pretty decent &
they have plenty of models and colors to select from

so if you are feeling creative
or want to design your own Christmas presents
take a look

herr Gato's shirt design
herr Gato's design on actual shirt

herr Gato's & frau Kitty's original design
i made these with Photoshop and chose for herr Gato's design
a 100% cotton long-sleeved ladies fitted shirt
and for frau Kitty's, a custom ladies ringer t-shirt
with red collar & sleeves to match

frau Kitty's shirt design
then uploaded them to the inter phase
with a rather helpful flash application that
allows you control of scale, position, and other specs
of your design on your selected product model
and well, you saw the finished products above
scroll up, & click on, to enlarge
they are cool and comfortable garments
& i wear them all the time on weekends,
Friday's at the office, or for walks
where i get nods from cat-crazy people
and grunts from the more normal kind...
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