Thursday, September 17, 2009

presidential crush

i am NOT in a very romantic phase of my life lately
i don't feel attracted to men as much as i did before
and the last thing i'd like to do is to fall in love again
for the 1s time in my life i feel complete being single
and i am not looking forward a relationship
it is a very freeing feeling that arrived alone
i guess it might be the older age,
and the fact that i feel a bit
overwhelmed but also complete with so many things
that have to get done these days
so no time for romance nor desire of it

but... when i see some photos of our president
mister Obama, i feel the little old tingling in my heart
as i am sure about another couple of millions of women do
he's such a handsome man!
and over all, intelligent & with a great personality!

i have dated uglier and handsomer men in my lifetime
and thankfully i don't have a physical stereotype for
men beauty, some of them have been taller, some shorter,
some browner, some whiter, some serious, some jokers
some have been assholes some not so much, but still a bit (ha ha)
(i do think assholeness is intrinsic to masculinity,
just like maybe sensibility/bitchiness is intrinsic to femininity,
pardoning you my colloquial lexicon... )

anyways, but one thing they all surely had in common,
that is all the men i have loved,
were (or are, since hope any of them is dead yet...)
intelligent, & in one or other way
and they all have had a taste for art too, so, yes
i do fall in love with personalities, not looks...
& yeah!! i am sort of in love with Barack
so disrespectfully that i even call him by his 1st name
sorry misses Michelle!

but this is not news... once, back in 1994
i had another huge presidential crush,
i was living in Mexico back then, but my heart
was all over the place for mister Bill Clinton
wow!! i was even jealous of Monica Lewinsky
you weren't the only one, Hillary!

so it's just nice to see two of my presidential loves
getting together for lunch
if only i could have a conversation with both...
but surely i'd be muted by nervousness
and all would be teenager-like giggles

oh and by the way, the only problem i find
with these beautiful men is that they are both powerful
i am a bit opinionated and i deeply dislike men
who trip on power... and women too for that matter

i feel that humility is a must to come close to my heart
even more important than intelligence
and of course than good looks
and to find a humble man is so hard!

anyway, even if not in a very romantic mood lately
it's good to know that my heart has come to a halt
but not to a stop...
i might just fall in love again
probably when i am 64 or 75
a more mature age heh heh

Ps. i hate to think that i have something in common
with ex vice-president Cheney since i think,
like Conan O'Brien, that he's an "engendro del Diablo"
(Spanish for something like a little monster conceived by the devil)
anyway, Cheney also thinks Obama is attractive

and what do YOU think?
do you have any platonic loves?
or unreachable romances?
please share!
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