Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a furry laptop

About a month ago I decided to buy myself a Dell Laptop
I got a top of the line Studio Dell green laptop
4GB on RAM, wireless card, webcam included
the whole top works...
The laptop delivery got delayed and it never arrived
Right before it was about to get shipped to me
I got my car into service and had to pay $500 for new brakes
Plus it needs new tires (which I still haven’t bought)
Also the dentist told me that apart from the $2,000 my dental insurance covers
I have to spend another $1,200 from my pocket to get my teeth
To a less painful place

Glad that the damn Laptop was being so slowly delivered by Dell
I got a chance to cancel it before it arrived

Yet… I still badly need a new computer and I’d like it to be a laptop
So yesterday I found a good deal at Costco where I could afford
A new Toshiba laptop for only $399!
Happily I sent e-mails to my laptop advisers and started planning to get
This less flashy but more affordable laptop

Yesterday too, I left Herr Gato at the vet for a follow up
On his skin problems, the poor guy is still itching a lot
And pulling his fur out

After the vet’s verdict on herr Gatos’ skin problem
we decided to follow a set of tests to find a solution
For his recurring skin problems, and also Gato got a
well deserved bath from the groomers, the final sum for herr Gato’s
Expenses came to a total of $389
And here goes my laptop again! with only $10 more
I could've bought a Toshiba new laptop

But as my mother always thought me
Live beings go first! so I'm finding comfort on the furry cat
I thought to myself, well, instead of a Toshiba or Dell laptop
I got myself (eventually) a furry laptop
Herr Gato doesn’t really jump on my lap, not just yet!
But he might one day… in the meantime...
Instead of getting more every day into the World Wide Web
‘cause of my lack of good computer at home
I will have more time to chase the cats around
I guess...

And still have to pay bills for frau Kitty!
Damn if these alley cats have been expensive
But it is all worth it when I see them peacefully
and safe snoring on top of my stuff at home
Poor little creatures! they’ve capture my heart
And my wallet as well…

herr Gato soundly asleep with a sunbeam for a blanket
he peacefully rests oblivious of the high costs of hardware and veterinary care

Ps. for Al aka Ground Control:
I know what you are thinking!
God is punishing me for trying to buy a laptop
and not a MacBook Pro instead
and you know? that just might be the case...
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