Monday, June 29, 2009


so for many days, this was my view
behind a video camera about 8hrs a day
a nice video camera though, so it was actually a lot of fun
I recorded sessions that took place at a conference
my company organizes yearly
some sessions were small, 10 to 25 persons in the room
but some other ones were in huge rooms!
like this one below... not sure of the count of participants
but i'd think at least a hundred...

and here some photos a co-worker captured
of me as a 'videographer'

i included this one with the reflection of the back
on the mirror, 'cause as July 03, i still had loooong hair
the photo is not so clear, but my hair covered
3/4 of my back... but July '03 came and...
i shopped it all off! heh heh so nice to have short hair again!
more on that on the next post...

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