Thursday, April 09, 2009


USPS revealed today
the Simpsons stamps design

the stamps will be on sale on May 7

it's a great way to commemorate
the longest-running American sitcom,
20 seasons and still going on!

you can vote here for your favorite stamp

a blast from 1987
when they 1st appeared
as shorts at the Tracey Ullman Show

and sure the Simpsons had
a make-over... look at them!
they were so spiky/spunky
in their beginnings
and Homer looked angrier!
I guess as he's been eating donuts
through the years and gained more weight
has become more content...
although still has his outbursts
as he shows in one of my favorite episodes
Angry Dad
where Bart made an 'internet' cartoon
based on Homer's anger...

[a sentimental note apart]
I truly thank the creators of the Simpsons
and specially of Homer... many nights
and days, when things have gone wrong
in many nights of anxiety and/or insomnia
(not lately btw, i don't sleep a lot but i sleep
very well, ahhh *yawn*)
but also in sunny afternoons
or late nights coming back from a party
munching on a late snack, I have relied
on the Simpsons, I keep at least 10
episodes handy on my TiVo... for
those required moments...
23 minutes of Homer and family adventures
and one feels restored
[to Homer, with love]

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