Tuesday, April 07, 2009

mis amigos los gatos

So my friendship
With the 2 furry gatos is coming along

they have some good and some bad days
but always hectic ones
always doing their strange feline things
trying to make sense of them
I got this 'holistic' book
The Holistic Cat
by Jennifer A. Coscia

Rather interesting facts about the life of cats
their health and behavior all written nicely
along with true stories with photos of cats
that illustrate different cases and heartfelt stories
it is sort of quirky and sometimes i feel
like the Simpson's crazy-cat lady but
I like to read about the little things that happen
Around me, I am a bit (or a lot) of a nerd
trying always to understand
i remember some months ago
I was a true a-fish-cionado!
When my dear Kiyo was swimming along here
and i tried to find out all about Betta fishes

These days, I try to understand these furry creatures
‘cause surely they have some rather mysterious ways
cats are so unpredictable and although resilient
hence the '9 lives' they are very delicate
when it comes to health, food, behaviors,
and, yes to feelings, and to their environment

For example, can you explain how this seemingly
Adorable sleeping creature can become
An ‘arm shredding’ machine?
as the author describes it in figure 1.
(see figure 1)

'Gato' formerly known as 'Coco' aka Herr Katze

He looks so innocent and harmless!
But when he’s mad, he surely displays it

The scratches inflicted were because of a bad-tasting medication
He got the prescribed drops down his throat
And I got my dose of scratches too

also a couple of days ago I found out thru my neighbor
that the blond cat's prior name was 'Coco'
very cute name for such a rebel, but he can be very sweet
at times (mostly while sleeping, not much while awake...)
i call him now just 'Gato' and he comes most of the times
for how bad he's sometimes with me, I am surprised
that 9 out of 10 times I call him, even if afar
he comes around...

And oh well, I am not the only one trying to figure them out
As the graphic of this mapping of Cat Brain explains
They are not easy creatures to understand

figure 1 - Mapping of the Cat brain

and here the black and with kitty
she's much calmer than Gato
but has her collection of feline quirks too
she responds cheery to just 'kitty'
and her other names are 'gatita' and 'Frau Kitty'
since sometimes I practice mein Deutsch with them
then 'Gato' too becomes Herr Katze

black & white kitty also known as kitty and Frau Kitty
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