Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday fine mist in San Diego

Just yesterday morning
It was all fine and sunny
your voice sounded warm and friendly
And the fluffy clouds at me smiled
Opening their bellies after a long night of rain dropping

palms, clouds, streets, cars,
they all encompassed to make me feel glad

But the today came
And fine gray mist
Covers the sidewalks this morning
Fine gray melancholy
Rests my tired soul too this morning
Rain, drops, tears, an afar affair revisited
Brings back old fears, suspicion, and sadness,
Or something like that
I don’t want to see the rain again on my patio
Without feeling protected somewhere

so yes this Friday grayish morning
Don’t know why, but i suspect why, all of a sudden
I feet like the rain:

Falling lonely
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