Tuesday, May 27, 2008

never enough

it seems to be never enough time
specially when it comes to rest
or to walk, or to play

after a 3-day weekend
i feel like i didn't really rest
but i didn't really worked either

i sort of cleaned
and sort of rested
i planed to upload tons of recipes
and post hundreds of photos
that i have stored

yet, i did NONE
didn't post anything
barely read now & there
but... ah time... time
click clack clock...

but again, never enough time
although, i did stretch the old toes
and took a couple of sunny-sometimes
cold-grayish-other-times naps

and i cooked, oh yes, and ate...
and even if in quantity, healthy too for sure

and today i woke to another
apparently limitless issue in California
and all around this country...
or the world
the energetics crisis up to our heads
or our feet?

for the 1st time since living in San Diego
that is 2001
i payed over $4 per a gallon of gasoline

fresh from this gray Tuesday morning
at the pump
the cheapest gasoline the
Unleaded 87 Octane Regular
$4.099 per gallon

and luckily i have a gasoline-saving gas
a japanese brand, Toyota
with very high mileage per gallon
but still, i could see the numbers just
rolling on and on and on at the pump...

and that was just for 3/4 of the tank!

time to switch the wheel for the shoe!
and yet my shoes here complain a bit too...
i am a walker indeed
on the weekends
i try to run most errands by foot

but even if Hippocrates said
"Walking is man's best medicine"
some distances the feet just can't take
specially in Southern California
with a life style designed for having a car

oh the 'practicalities' of this!
our modern life

and yet, walk! walk! walk!

and underneath or below?
the Hippocrates' quotes
was hidden this one
by this author unknown by me before
Gretel Ehrlich

it read:
"Walking is also an ambulation of mind."

and oh, so to walk
this mind of mine feels so inclined
to ambulate, to pace always!
sometimes, low or, later fast
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