Wednesday, February 20, 2008

posts from a sentimental geek

die sentimental Streberin
the sentimental geek
la nerd sentimental

that would be me
technology and objects
drive me to emotional tears
the magnificence of object creation
so today i thought that...

probably the most caressed object in this modern times
is... (keep on reading please)

we have all hold one with a warm or cold hand?
and there is a high
very high chance that
your are caressing or holding one
just right now!!

Haven't we all grabbed one passionately?
With high hopes and or with impatience?
To check if we got that expected e-mail,
or to confirm if the deposit went through
in our electronic bank account

We have treated these objects fondly!
but also there are times when we want to smash them against
a table or a wall, or just step on them…
especially when it comes to download large files
or if the little ball got hairy, dusty or too stuck
with pieces of french fries
there is always that chance

it seem to me that there is at least one in every house-hold
And in the offices they reproduce freely, and in large amounts!
Yeah, like rats…

Such an common object
victim of nerdy virtual mouse & cat jokes
certainly a controversial object
that millions of humans touch every day
probably way more than you touch your own body
and surely more than most people touch their husbands or wives

so for today
I am a sentimental geek
Who wrote this little
Ode to the mouse

inspired by my own curiosity today
i asked myself...
and who invented the mouse?
probably you couldn't care less
but here i tell you

it was this very clever man
Dr. Douglas C. Engelbart
who created the first virtual
son of a rat
just a little later
the hordes of cyber mice came to life!

Here the 1st computer mouse ever!
in a little wooden box...
and this is what i call a prototype!

hope today if you read this
you stroke softly and carefully
your rolling, fun, little mousy-pal

the sentimental geek is
over and out
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