Wednesday, February 20, 2008

for kitchen accidents

das Erste-Hilfe-Mittel
First-Aid kit
Botiquín de Primeros Auxilios

the more you cook
the more chances of getting burned
this past weekend, a too hot casserole

the best home-made remedy
that i have used since my childhood
is my grandmother's, Mami Pera, recipe:
rinse with cold running water the burn
and then apply

das Eiweiß
egg white
la clara del huevo

it is nourishing... and refreshing!
also good for

der Kratzer
some scratches
pequeños rasguños

and to stop the bleeding from a

Messerschnitt mit Küchenmessern
cut with a kitchen knife
cortadas con cuchillo de cocina

the best is to
rinse the wound and cover with

gemahlener Kaffee
ground coffee
café molido
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