Friday, August 17, 2007

tea & fat chances

once a month or so
i order teas from specialteas

i am waiting for some i ordered a couple of days ago
this morning i checked the tracking of the packages
and voila!
to be delivered today

so i arrive to work
and in one of my running around to the main office upstairs
i see this kid from fedex running with a little package in his hands

packets are to be delivered to the main desk
no matter the name of the recipient
and we crossed paths a bit afar from the office

so there was no point on me telling him
hey! those are my teas, you don’t need to go further ahead
i saw him and by box full of teas walked by

and yes…
15 minutes later
i got a phone call from the main office

a: your teas are here

b: yes, i know, thank you

a: what you mean “you know”?

b: never mind, i’ll be right there, thanks…

and so it goes the music of chances
the little coincidences of life every day
that are little a bit amusing

that’s why i love authors such as
Haruki Murakami and Paul Auster
they sort of wake up your radar
to be in tune with the miniscule
and petit delights that make
one’s little & humble life worth living

teas delivered in sunny mild Friday mornings
and fat chances…
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