Thursday, August 16, 2007


i guess you know you are in a bad mood
when you are drinking
bad instant decaffeinated coffee
over 9pm at night

i don't even like instant coffee!
well just those lovely espressos
from european nestlé


today i was in a strange mood
the whole day
nothing seem to work quite right
nothing was too bad and nothing was too good

i can't focus on anything
not on the pix
not on replies
not on the e-mails
nor in or outline

my head hurts a little
and sadly
die Welt ist groß

yes, all feels so afar...
and i wanted to be close

the lack of good sleep
maybe that's why i feel
and a bit dark, moody
and over-sensitive, i guess

so i guess the best remedy
is rest...
tonight i just
'forget about it...'
log OFF and go to bed

but before
to you, here reading
i leave a smile, a hug
some good-time wishes

and this little photo

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