Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Laurel and Hardy at Spreckles

this monday night
and with my mother visiting town
we decided to go for an evening walk

we started driving towards
San Diego's Embarcadero
where the big ships are parked...

but on the way there, and as we drove
by Balboa Park
we decided to stop there
and walk this beautiful place at night
since there seems to be a lot of people around

when we got to the Spreckels Organ Pavilion
we found all these people around

there was a Free Laurel and Hardy silent movie event!
they showed 3 of their early silent movies

1. Puttin’ Pants On Philip
2. You’re Darn Tootin [the full length!]
3. Two Tars

with organist Dennis James
it was great to find this event
live organ music with
these 3 great films
I do love Laurel & Hardy
specially their silent era
what a lovely surprise!
a fine summer night

above was the view
right before the projection started
the arc structure holds the pipes of the gigantic organ
and they put a screen on front

a little chunk of
PuttingPants On Philip

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