Saturday, February 17, 2007

café with press pot

while my aunt was here
I got a french press pot for just $7.99!
the jar glass is not very thick but it holds the heat nicely
but the colander/filter is great
a stainless steel mesh
nothing for breakfast as press pot coffee
it just taste 'earthier' than the dripping method

I also found this mexican peaberry,
that trader joe's (the best grocery store in the world!) has
just $5.99 the can, sadly, a limited edition
I usually like darker roasts, especially for espresso
and in the winter... but this mexican peaberry with medium roast
is, as you can read from the can, bright, smooth, and sweet... sweet!

the hope of a new day, comes along with the smell of a nice cup of coffee
no matter how dark some nights can be...
just have to remember, there will always be another day
arriving with a new morning, and if lucky with a nice cup of coffee
the morning coffee is a sign of a fresh start, everyday...
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