Thursday, December 14, 2006

seeing through

i used to send pieces of stnd poetry, to a friend writer that lives in NY, in case he could publish me one day... i found one piece from over a year ago, it is not fiction. if you see closer at the picture (usually the series of stnd poetry come w/a picture) you can see some veins; and behind the camera, the bones did show, as well... oh hell!
last night got amazed by the transparency of my flesh
my ten fingers’ own tissue, cartilages, capillaries,
little tubes the veins
even the sturdy bones were translucent!

i was reading this japanese abe
with a light over my head
the little lamp’s so intense
with that sort of beam that burns
the some-hair left on your tired head
sometimes too warm for the summer
over-heats your brain
anyway, all was ok

but then i extended my arm on top of my head
in a stretching tired sign of my agedness
the light behind my fingers’ flesh
revealing plenty of veins and transparent lode of myself

last night i saw my fingers’ veins
my internal touchable self

felt the weakness
of this body

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