Friday, December 15, 2006

san diego rains

stop, a red-light
hazy 6.36pm ski
a green-light wait over wait
horizontal and sad southern-california
one-storied dusky bar to the left, wide, plane

all is flat here today
warning of the strongest storm of the year
for this weekend

to the right: the same blue structure of yesterday
but one day older, today
wide & spread
street of 4 lanes, we just need 2
constant parallelism reigns
middle-centered car look out for

i rest my elbows on the wheel drive
and my face on the palms of my hands
a feeling tastes like dust
climbs slowly up my chest

a brown feeling
mixture of aloofness and pain

treadmill today
walked 3 miles in a trance of obtuse obscurity
the ymca, the second day
following the steps of my own feet
head on the face
not the other way around
not today

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