Monday, December 18, 2006


i woke up this monday morning
to discover 2 new gray hairs close to my forehead
they are small and newborns, really short still
i was about to pull them out but...
i realized i was actually kind of proud of them...
of my aging
so i smiled & left them there
they are obvious since the rest of my hair is very dark
(oh i have a couple more already but among the rest of hair,
you can't really see them all the time)

i wonder how i will look when i am a 60 year old lady? or 70?
if i make it that far, i hope i can still smile
and hold a wrinkled hand besides me
and wear all my white hair proudly
yeah! one day i will be a very old woman
(hopefully) and i will smile at the adventures of
the new 2 gray hairs of when i was 37
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