Monday, March 13, 2006

i care not how humble your bookshelf may be...

i am looking into cascading style sheets to design webby pages
that can be accessed by blind people
at my company we have plenty of web-users with disabilities

yet if you are blind you can always type on a url and if it is design suitably for disabilities like blindness (w/voice reader access) like this one, then you'll be able to use the site
what happens here is that a computer reader reads to you out loud what’s on a page
(like some old macs have a feature that if you type something it reads it back at you with ‘computer’ voice, huh?)
this now is a quicktime file
but i am sure in some point it was just text on a word or simple text or html file and then with an aural cascade style sheet reference it to your html code
html reader you can recreate it like this… strange but nice huh?

o btw seems that don sir arthur conan doyle knew some of my friends ‘cause…’smoking is not forbidden’ he wrote

now gutenberg project supports free ebooks don't forget to visit and download or screen-read your favorite classics

monday monday
blue but sunny
san diego goes new week again

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