Sunday, September 13, 2015

SeaWorld set the slaves free!

I have been to so many anti-SeaWorld protests I have lost count...
Also to the beautiful "Light Brigades"
where we form words with led lights letters
to be held on freeway overpasses!
I love this form of activism!
my dear friend Ellen Ericksen is the organizer
I help her getting the materials and posters there
we arrive about 1 hr earlier than other activists
and listen to the quiet streets, I always wonder if
I would listen to the cry of help coming from the
captive orcas, dolphins, penguins, sea lions, and other prisoners.
I prefer to speak for Dolphins and Sea Lions, as everybody else focuses on orcas
Me, wearing some strange sunglasses, and my dear friend Mary Peifer

San Diego Light Brigade, a beautiful and great form of activism!

Committed activists outside SeaWorld San Diego demanding Animal Liberation!
My first Light Brigade encouraging people to watch Black Fish I was the #4!
Me with activists, again a Dolphin sign.
Me and dear friend and partner 'in crime' Ellen Ericksen who organizes SW protests in SD
Imagine my joy and gratitude
when I saw beloved Morrissey's band wearing SeaWorld Sucks
t-shirts at his magnificent sold-out-instantly concert this past
August 20, 2015 in San Diego.
Thank you beautiful Morrissey and your band for speaking against SeaWorld!
Thank you Morrissey and your band, for always speaking for animals!
Now my heart is fuller knowing the animals
have your wit, your pen, and your heart on their side.

Now My Heart is Full from the night I saw beautiful Morrissey in San Diego.
I have two big wishes, to see all the animals free and to see again one day
this talented big-hearted beautiful man sing live again!

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