Sunday, September 13, 2015

11,000 ear tags

"11,000 ear tags”.
A haunting image representing the animals killed in a single day at one slaughterhouse — 11,000 minds, 11,000 identities, 11,000 biographies, erased from existence and pulped into meat every single day.
"We are surrounded", wrote J. M. Coetzee, "by an enterprise of degradation, cruelty, and killing which rivals anything the Third Reich was capable of, indeed dwarfs it, in that ours is an enterprise without end, self-regenerating, bringing rabbits, rats, poultry, livestock ceaselessly into the world for the purpose of killing them”.

#MeatIsMurder I am sure you can find something else to eat.
I have, for years now, it is not hard, it just takes a bit compassion, and common sense.
Eartags  of animals killed in a 1 single day at 1 slaughterhouse.

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