Thursday, September 10, 2015

Literary Gato Strikes Again: Morrissey

Herr Gato has a great taste in books!
He picks distinguished yet unusual authors
His latest choice is Morrissey's Autobiography.
A superb read where the iconic singer
and brilliant, compassionate man
writes with no rules and complete honesty,
as he lives his live: no chapters, no index,
strangely and deliciously long paragraphs
that begin making you want to cry, laugh by the 3rd sentence
 and cry again. As artful as his songs!

Morrissey protects and speaks for animals, Herr Gato knows it and thanks Moz.

As have chronicled before, Herr Gato has chosen authors
such as Kate Chopin and her book The Awakening
and legendary Paul Bowles and his Let It Come Down
Herr Gato gas gone as far as reaching Furry Nirvana
with Buddhism classic Autobiography of a Yogi
by Paramhansa Yogananda.
Herr Gato likes feminists banned books, great!

Herr Gato loves dark bleak set in Morocco novel!

Reaching Nirvana, the furry way
Oh I love you my Herr Gato, who arrived from a dusty alley
to teach me with your superb literary choices,
yet no doubt, Morrissey's pick is the closest to my heart.

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