Friday, October 09, 2009

achieving Nirvana, the furry way

after reading Dr. Jay's from Yoga for Cynics
The Cat Story, i remembered this photo I took
from herr Gato a couple of weeks ago

I was wondering how long it took
Paramhansa Yogananda to become a Yogi
and how much discipline and control one has
to exercise to become a bit relaxed
let alone to be a little enlightened...

and yet herr Gato seems to achieve Nirvana
pretty much every time he naps around...
maybe he's getting all of Paramhansa's knowledge
by osmosis, since he likes to sleep by his book

as i told you before, he loves to nap
around books, funny fat blond cat this herr Gato
everyday i am liking more his literary relaxed style
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