Wednesday, January 15, 2014

timeless time

I wish I could live a timeless day
I wish days and weeks would merge
Wrapped in a loving cocoon
All peace and care
But I cannot forget that today is just another day
With minutes and hours passing by
Slowly when animals are in so much pain
I am in peace, gently, watching the sun go by
But I cannot ignore, I cannot forget
Those right now, poor fellow animals
Living in a cage, others about to die
To feed the selfish humans
To entertain them or wear them
Or just to make them cry
Those blind to their enslavement and ache
I wish I could just forget
But I cannot and I won’t
Cause they need me
To speak and to write for them
These stubborn words
Hoping a compassionate human will read them
And too, care for them
Hoping that one day all of us can live
In peace, no humans no animals suffering
All in the loving nest
Of this beautiful planet
Without mourning, without distress
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