Friday, January 24, 2014

California's worst drought in history

Want to conserve water?
Change the way you eat!
Countries have been fighting over oil
for the past decades... soon,
we will be fighting over water!

"Of the foods produced in the Golden State, the thirstiest by far are those that are derived from animals. Household impact is a trickle compared to the flood of water needed to produce meat, dairy, and eggs, especially when compared to plant foods. For example, a study at Cornell University found that producing one pound of animal protein requires about 100 times more water than producing one pound of grain protein. Another study adds to the overflow of evidence finding that the amount of water needed to produce one pound of beef is almost 1,600 gallons, compared to just 102 gallons for a pound of wheat."

Please read this complete article and learn
what using animals for food is doing
to our environment and very low water reserves

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