Thursday, May 09, 2013

drawdrawdraw: Freehand - Helen Birch

one of my first friends from is
for years we have seen each other pictures and shared comments
she has one of the most unique eyes and i love her sense of composition
on photography...
now she's publishing a book on Freehand Drawing
here a link to her blog and to preview her book:

drawdrawdraw: Freehand - Helen Birch: 21 pages from my new book......


Helen Birch said...

Bere - someone else sent me a link to your blog entry about 'Freehand'.
Thanks so much :-)
Such flattery :-))

Helen x

ps I've got a few photos on flickr now too:

berenice said...

hi Helen,
my pleasure! You are very talented! Hey your book is on my Amazon wishlist, waiting for September 10 to be released and buy it, meaning tomorrow :)
Thanks for the link on Flickr! I will check out your photos, you are one talented photographer!
Warm salutes from San Diego

Helen Birch said...

: ) x

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