Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Limits of Control, an e-mail/review

a couple of weeks ago i watched
The Limits of Control, directed by Jim Jarmusch
he's one of my preferred directors
so I sent an e-mail to a couple of friends about it
I guess I am too lazy to re-write my review
and usually re-written stuff comes out wrong for me
so here, a couple of copy-pasted e-mails regarding the film

talking about masters of American 'something'
watched yesterday Jim Jarmusch latest film... The Limits of Control
worth watching but not for everybody... it reminded me a lot of his Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai film
this The Limits of Control, is not among the 'fun' movies he makes, yes, sure Bill Murray is there, but in a very short and obscure apparance...
the film is superb visually!! superb, as in really really good! and the Flamenco scenes are amazing!!
but over all the film has a really really slow feel to it... and YES the plot is a thriller that keeps you wondering what is about so much that actually feels like a David Lynch film
the acting by Isaach de Bankole is just amazing!
do watch it, but not late at night 'cause if you are not used to obscure slow films you might fall asleep and if you watch it do pay attention to every single line and detail, it will all make sense at the end... at the very very end
i personally loved it, but then again, i am used to this weird stuff, glad to know Jim Jarmusch is still himself

re: 2
oh forgot! is all filmed in beautiful Spain, from a high-tech looking Madrid to the back desert of Extremadura, beautiful photography!

re: 3
was reading about the soundtrack too! has Bad Rabbit, and LCD Soundsystem
the film is worth it, my favorite film ever i think is actually Dead Man by Jarmusch with Neil Young guitar playing soundtrack, i love his films! Night on Earth from 1991 was the 1st Jarmusch film i watched, i still have fun watching now!
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