Friday, January 20, 2012

caprese flowers

these little Caprese flowers are based
on my favorite Italian salad, Insalata Caprese

i found at Henry's, i mean, Sprouts
these mozzarella balls, made by BelGioioso
a superb brand of cheese

so from the little mozzarella balls and the grape tomatoes
i got the idea of combining them on top of basil leaves
to form little flowers instead just tossing them on the salad

in my version of Caprese flowers, i added fresh-cut rosemary
to the dressing, which i made with Olive Oil,
balsamic vinegar, fresh-ground black pepper and chopped garlic

the result was delicious! the taste is a bit different
from a 'regular' Insalata Caprese, as with the flowers
you have to bite each little ball of mozzarella
and the grape tomatoes, so they feel different in your mouth
now i like my version better than the original!

give it a try!

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