Monday, April 25, 2011

Russian Google Doodle

the other day while taking a look at the most recent
Google Doodles
i came across this Google Doodle from the Russian Google

it is the first Google Doodle i see divided on four parts
arrows & all...
it seems to tell the story about some happy village
then a black big bad wolf, who gets tamed, and they all live
happily ever after, they even have a 'Frau Kitty' heh heh in every drawing

i clicked on the link and the explanation was, well, in Russian

even though most of the Google Doogles have a western & somewhat
'generalized' celebration, it is great to see the more 'regional' ones
like this one...

in case you want to check out more international Google sites
this link provides a list with the links

it's funny to see the Google tabs from the Homepage
spelled in so different character from all these languages

update:& after clicking on the Google Doodle history i
found out that the Russian Goodle Doodle from April 13
was the 120th of Birthday of Sergey Prokofiev!
so, yes, it's Peter and the Wolf
in 4 doodles, great!
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