Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ghalab El Hawa, ginger snaps, and chardonnay

i started writing this last night
and then i didn't finished it
i miss my blog, i miss my life
i miss my mom, and sure going to miss my boss!

this January really started with some core changes to my life
my boss of 6, almost 7 years, that btw, has been my best friend
of 10 years, is quitting the job
tomorrow is his last day, and even if he's a fair person
and doesn't let me get away with 'bad' behavior at work
surely it has been great to have your best friend as boss

now all will change, i am on my own in this company
i know the co-workers very well now, and most of them
are really nice and understandable people, yet
being a small non-profit company we tend to be
a bit on the disorganized side

oh well...

and then i miss my mom like hell
she was here with me for a bit over a month
she was sooo much help! she took care of the Gatos
of the food, of the cleaning, and was always waiting
for me with a warm plate of home re-friend beans
and whole grain bread and tortillas
and a hot cup of rooibos tea

i've always been a fairly independent person
i am much of a loner, and i always had some
sort of trouble towards authoritative figures

and now... i cannot believe i am missing
my mom, and my boss

oh well, life does change

so last night i was curing myself
by drinking little sips of cheap chardonnay
accompanied of ginger snaps while listening
to this moody Iranian (?) song
Ghalab El Hawa

and contemplating some photos of my mom
i took in December, like this one where she's holding
a San Francisco de Asis photography book

those were the times!
now, only 1 month later, all has changed
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