Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles

my bits and random sentences on The Sheltering Sky (by Paul Bowles) was... and then transports you to the dusty eternal dryness of the desert, to that desert induced sopor... read & read & read one after another beautifully arranged sentences... the vastness of the desert, the immensity of the sky as the painful beauty that is a taste of life...

The Sheltering Sky is divided into 3 books

The characters, the structure, a bit strange sometimes, not too deep in details and then trying to deeply tell about them through small bits & pieces... not sure if it worked, 'cause, sure i wanted to know what happened to the characters, but it was somehow obvious, and strangely not so important for the book, yet i never got tired of the plot... was of that encounter, almost randomly, of those beautiful sentences, so painful, so lovely, so like life and death, that i really felt in love with

Title page of the 1st Edition of The Sheltering Sky

not sure if all i wrote above makes sense, but hope you read the book, anyway.
and some photos of my 1949, 1st Edition copy of The Sheltering Sky to show

a profile on Bowles

my small 3-book collection of Bowles books
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