Sunday, April 04, 2010

earthquake in San Diego, 7.2

as Easter Sunday rolls in
the land started to shake

Recent earthquakes near San Diego, California

Time Magnitude Location
1 hour ago 5.4 Baja California, Mexico
1 hour ago 5.1 Southern California
2 hours ago 7.2 Baja California, Mexico

the 7.2 shake was pretty scary
i must confess i am still a bit shocked

aftershocks have been following the whole afternoon
here detailed updates

sure! i panic a bit
i cook soup and do errands to distract me but
i have my water bottles and gatos food handy on
a bag by my door, a flash light, and other goodies

dunno if it's 'cause i was in Mexico City in '85
but this one really freaked me out
waiting that on the next 72 hours that everything settles

and even if freaked out
i couldn't resist sharing this one

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