Saturday, April 03, 2010

the bells of the St. Didacus catholic church

for a moment or two
the sun touched my soul
the bells of the St. Didacus church tolled on the distance
two four five six times, and then stopped
the clocks at my home are always fast 3, 5
ten minutes or so
but my lifetime is not
every time i hear those bells ringing
at the dawn or the dusk
i remember there’s god time who measures it all
my tragedies, my sorrows, and my occasions of joy

life has been strangely unexpected
a surprise every day unfolds
to the simple eyes it all seems the same
yet it is not
because some days the leaves fall
some other days ones, not
the loving blinking of my beige big cat
or the cuddle of the little one
do change one’s soul
like the stroke of the sunbeam
through a chest that is cold
& now this black cat
homeless and alone
comes and out of the blue
& near to me, decides to curl up

the birds that i feed leave a mess
but for me as today, as 6pm
the mess is pure joy
is life, and as long we all are breathing
there’s hope, there’s love

a Friday evening with cats
cold weather but sun
a book a computer a tea
the church distant clock’s song
two three four five six
and it’s done
is this how i was supposed to be when i grew old?
who is this adult who types?
and smiles and cries and worries about cats and birds and loves them all?
guess i never asked myself before
and this is how i turned out
who i have become
while the bells of St. Didacus
keep tolling remote

me wearing flowers
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