Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wallander: high brow TV

"These are our lives. And they are fragile. Precarious. Miraculous. They're all we have."
Detective Kurt Wallander in Firewall

I have seen only two episodes of Wallander
and I am hooked!

here the opening of the 1st episode I watched

great darkish photography
great intriguing stories
great technoish music
and of course
superb acting: nothing less than Kenneth Branagh

i am a follower of PBS Masterpiece Mystery!
and this is probably one of their best series
(though i am a fan of Oxford's Inspector Lewis and his sidekick Hathaway too)

Wallander stories unfold in the town of Ystad, Sweden
and are based on the novels of author
Henning Mankell

if you have access to watch this series
give it a try
TV can be a good thing sometimes too
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