Tuesday, June 02, 2009

rain on the weekend is always better than a sunny Tuesday with an unexpected root canal

the weekend was gray and drizzling
for two days i didn't see the sunshine
and that's a lot to say for San Diego

yet, it was a good weekend
my cousin JC was visiting
so we went to a couple of my
favorite places around the city

we visited again my favorite used
bookstore in the Hillcrest area (my prior neighborhood)
Bluestocking Books

this photo above is from this weekend
and here an older sepia photo of this beloved place of mine
i remember e-mailing this photo to the store owner
and telling her to use it if she'd like to
i think is the same photo she included on her website!
i am flattered!

and then we had a hot plate of Phở
at my favorite Phở place in El Cajon Blvd.
Phở Hòa

I have eaten Phở in other places
but this is for far the BEST Phở not only
in town, but after reading many online reviews
apparently is even better than many Phở in
Saigon itself, oh well well
no wonder why my mother insists on going there
at least twice while she visits
(here a sunnier shot of the happy cow)

and so it was a good weekend
but a little of tooth pain started sinking in
so today i decided to visit the dentist
only to confirm that i have an infected canine
and below a bridge, so with no more time to waste
and in the same visit the dentist tells me
i must have a root canal, the sooner the better
so, just like that, without being 'mentally'
prepared, nor prepared in ANY way
after what i thought might be an almost preventive
visit to the dentist, i had a root canal
only a couple of hours ago
of course there's the magic of anesthetics
sadly i had only local anesthesia, so i was
rather aware of the procedure

and as i type, i feel it wearing off
leaving turn to a mild strange pain

ah i just hope the Advil works so i can sleep

i guess i'll rely on the good moments of
the weekend, the mild rain in the morning
my fingers caressing the books at Bluestocking books
and the wonderful fragrance of a hot plate of Phở at
Phở Hòa

i still have many visits to the dentist until
this procedure is done, but at least the worst part
is behind... i truly hope this was my last ever root canal

i know i know
what a boring post!
but if you live in San Diego
(hint hint mister Smorg)
you have now the tip of where to eat the best Phở in town
and where to find used (and new) books in a lovely atmosphere
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