Friday, June 12, 2009

los gatos' nemeses

Sherlock Holmes had Professor Moriarty
Batman has The Joker (amongst others)

and it seems like everyone has a nemesis
in this paradoxical life
my friends Los Gatos have their own nemeses too!

herr Gato's nemeses are two mean Blue Jays
I have seen these 2 blue jays taking swooping dives
at poor herr Gato, one of them actually hit him on the head!
Gato just went "meeooowww"
and look all disconcerted after the hit
after a second dive, the Gato decided to run into the house...

I read online that this behavior is common on Blue Jays
they are very territorial birds and while they are nesting
they will 'attack' dogs, cats, and even humans! who
would come close to their nests, this is called "mobbing"
makes a lot of sense...
I have a bird feeder outside my house
surely they are nesting now and therefore the mobbing at
poor herr Gato, curiously enough, I haven't seen them
attacking frau Kitty nor me

here one of the Blue Jays, the feeder was full of other birds before
he arrived (mourning doves, finches, etc.) he screamed at all
the other birds so they all left and now he eats alone, as he likes it

now Frau Kitty's nemesis is a much dangerous one!
is a BIG female cat, who lives next door,
she comes around my home very often,
I have seen her since I moved here, years before
los Gatos arrival to this area
she sort of socializes with herr Gato,
dependingm on both their moods
they play or chase each other but sometimes
they do fight too...
but it's not the same with frau Kitty! whenever this big female cat
sees frau Kitty, they both start hissing right away, and it takes only
a few seconds for the mean big cat to attack her!
frau Kitty tends to fight back when herr Gato attacks her of plays tough
but she runs away from this cat right away!!
she knows it's no game and she's terrified of her
and surely the mean big gata
wants to shred frau Kitty to very small pieces
I am pretty sure it is 'cause they are both females
and since the bigger female cat has lived for a while in this territory
well, she feels the threat of frau Kitty's presence
I worry many times when frau Kitty goes outside
'cause this 'gata' really hates her and she's at least twice the size
of Frau Kitty, but frau Kitty is much faster, younger, and agile,
so she knows how to runaway from her...

here frau Kitty's nemesis drinking water outside my house
this photo is through a screen door

los gatos don't like to be at my house that much
specially herr Gato, he is more of an outdoor cat
but when their nemeses are around, they feel safer
behind the screen door

interesting how even in nature, enemies exist
i surely have a very dull life, since I cannot think of
a nemesis for myself... maybe in the past I've had a couple
but I guess not too hateful, since I can't recall one

oh wait!
maybe this girl i went to school with
i was in about 4th grade, her name was Cecilia,
she used to bug me at school all the time
she was older than me for a couple of years
so she wasn't in my class but i'd see her
at the end of the school days while
we waited for our parents to pick us up
and on recesses sometimes
she had a sister in my class, Alma,
who was actually my friend and unlike her mean sister
a really nice girl
i used to wear a lot of turtle necks 'cause i always had
a sore throat...
Cecilia used to seat next to me and then pull
the turtle neck of my sweater
all over my face and sort of shocked me!
i was a very shy girl so pretty much did nothing
but to swallow my range and sometimes cry...
I think Cecilia was my very 1st enemy,
up to this day, I remember
the frustration and horror of seeing Cecilia coming to get me

apart from that mexican bully girl I cannot
recall another one enemy

i wonder if you friends reading
have a nemesis in your life?
a real 'archenemy'?
doesn't have to be a person but also
could be a situation you dread
or a food you won't taste?
any intimidating fears?
if so, i'd like to hear your story
we could have a common web-blog-therapy
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