Monday, April 20, 2009

little Hunter

the black-N-white kitty
surprised me on Sunday morning
with a little 'gift'

she rushed in the house
carrying a feathered bulk in her mouth
by the time I realized what it was,
I already had a dead bird by my feet!

It was a disturbing movement
The shock of the little dead bird there
(I feed and love birds)
Against miss Kitty’s joyful and fervent face
She was celebrating her (1st?) killing victory
And I was just sad to see the dead bird
Couldn’t really scold her since
It’s on her nature to be a little Hunter
But I am still shocked to learn
That such a lovely tender small creature
As Frau Kitty is
Can become in any second
An assassin!

In spite of my horror,
I allowed her to play a little with her prey
and then I buried it on a dirt patch
outside my house
showing her where it was
so she wouldn't go crazy looking for it

the whole episode brought to mind
this irresistible song
By another controversial feminine figure
Beautiful and dangerous too, petite female:
señorita Björk

I'm going hunting, I'm the hunter. I'll bring back the goods…

Ps. and later that warm afternoon
I walked in with a Greek Grilled Chicken Salad
she gave me a stare, like saying:
"at least I killed my own bird"

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