Tuesday, March 31, 2009

from two Sundays ago, an outdated belated post

i've been unfashionably late
but it seems that so much more lately

i owe so many people [& myself]
late replies, comments, uploads,
posts, photos, outlooks, e-thoughts
and forwarded songs...
not to speak of
phone calls
and self-mind reminders

but not sure why
i got stuck in this abandoned place
that existed only before this wide world web

do you remember what you used to do
before you surfed the web?

alas! if after spending over 8 hours daily
behind one of this legendary machines
with keyboards and screens that suck,
share and shape our
attention and lives, i come home
to do the same again...

and yes, oh, i do!!
here, on a shadowy photo attempt
from not this past Sunday
but one before that one
i break the silence from this side
of the keyboard and salute
this world wide web...

here we go again!
sorry, but yes, we're late
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